Band News

DATELINE: 15 MAR 20 – The current outbreak of¬†Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is both challenging and disruptive. Many venues are cancelling performances to follow “social distancing” guidelines by the CDC. Milltown Roadshow will monitor the situation and update our site with any cancellations or postponements due to this pandemic. Many of the establishments that host the Milltown Roadshow are taking extra steps to reduce the chance of transmittal including more frequent sanitizing measures and adopting any service changes required by the CDC. We hope you fare well through this ordeal.

DATELINE: 15 SEP 19 – I’m still getting inquiries asking if we are performing at the Maine Lakes Brew Fest. at Point Sebago on Sep 28, 2019. We had performed there in the past but we are not playing there this year. We’ve contacted the promoters and our name has been deleted from their promotional materials. It’s a great festival and if you love beer, you still may want to attend. Here’s a link to their site:¬†

DATELINE: 25 MAY 19 – Jack is back with the band after a short recovery from rotator cuff surgery.